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ICPM EXPO 2018 | Salt Lake City | Utah

A message from LV Hayes – President of ICPM EXPO 2018

HOW TO DECIDE if the Utah Industrial, Construction and Plant Maintenance Expo Makes Sense for You:

When your company pays good money to exhibit at our expo, you should monitor whether the investment paid off.

Your numbers don’t have to be perfect (and they probably won’t be).

But you can build on the data you collect, and as you get better at measuring your return on investment, you’ll also get better at figuring out why you should be exhibiting each and every year at the expo.

What Numbers Will You Collect? It’s easy to count booth traffic. Toss out those that have no purchasing say and the resulting list is your leads. However, tallying the sales revenue generated from those leads is a more useful measure. What you want in the end is a figure that tells you if it was worth exhibiting: ROI. And to get that number requires follow-up and discipline. There are several considerations to the ROI question. ROI is also about intentions (yours as well as the attendee’s) and quality of leads and something called exhibit efficiency.
Why Are You Exhibiting? Having a booth at the expo is often not solely to generate sales. If a primary reason for exhibiting is something other than sales, tracking leads isn’t the way to figure the return on your exhibiting dollar. You might be using the expo as a way to build brand awareness or to improve engagement with your customers. You might feel you need to be there because the major competition is all there. These are valid reasons to be at any particular expo. But these considerations are not quantifiable, at least not in the same way that product sales are tallied.
That said, the majority of trade show exhibitors simply count the number of leads and do ROI calculations based on that, which is just fine, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.
We prefer the term “Return on Objectives” to ROI. It looks at measures such as “exhibit efficiency.” This indicates the percentage of a company’s total audience with whom the exhibitor had “meaningful engagement.” So, if you are a small manufacturer of pumps and you attend the Utah Industrial and Construction Show, your total audience would be some portion of the attendees—let’s say 150. Of those, the 70 who came by and talked to the booth staff, viewed a demo or requested a follow-up are the ones that really count: your exhibit efficiency.
Good Numbers to Have If you are trying to justify a budget, you might like to know that the average cost per visitor reached is $120. This is based on the total direct cost of exhibiting and applies to attendees who recall having a meaningful engagement in your booth.
You might also like to know that it costs a lot more to identify a prospect and to close a sale by any other means than at a our show, according to a study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research. Research show the average cost to identify a potential customer at a trade show or exhibition was $96. The average cost to close a sale with a trade show lead is significantly lower because it requires fewer follow-up sales calls.



Mountain America Expo Center
9575 South State Street, Sandy, Utah 84070


One Booth: $650 • Two Booths: $600 each
Three or More Booths: $550 each


Wednesday, October 10 –11 am to 6 pm
Thursday, October 11 –10 am to 4 pm


Booth size: 10’ x 10’ with an 8’ high backdrop and 36” side rails

What’s Included: Complimentary Tickets, e-Tickets, Program Listing and Internet Listing.

Not included: electricity, air, tables, carpet, chairs, etc.



Television, Radio, Newspaper, Direct Mail, Online Advertising, Complimentary Tickets, Sponsors.

Plan on attending the 2018 ICPM Expo

The Utah Industrial, Construction, and Plant Maintenance Expo is one of the largest and most seasoned event in the region. We’ve got you and your needs covered.  ICPM Expo has the experience and the exhibitors that it takes to be the best. 

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Join us at the Mountain America Expo Center – Located at 9575 State Street, Sandy, Utah 84070.

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